“It comes from deep within, and grows like Western sin”

...New single by the Mandela Effect - "Fuzz" is out now https://open.spotify.com/album/1ZQ1xhrz1d2WyCEZcDWYBB?si=5EFrdRP9Q5yjqVVMVE9bsA 1. Fuzz (Fuzzy Duck mix) 2. Fuzz (Mad Love mix) 3. Fuzz (Ringo Dizzy mix)(c) Jarvis / Pearce / Riley / Savva (p) Happy Millionaire Music Available on all digital sellers and streaming providers, including: iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, GooglePlay Music, … Continue reading “It comes from deep within, and grows like Western sin”


New Tricks in the mix

The Mandela Effect's new single "New Tricks"Out 11th January 2019, on all digital download and streaming platforms Remixed from the album "Affected" New Tricks (Young Pups edit) New Tricks (Old Dogs mix) #asitwas #newtricks #inthemix

Affected by The Mandela Effect?

...the band that is, not the conspiracy theory! London band The Mandela Effect's debut album ‘Affected‘ was released in March 2018,  including festival favourites ‘All My People‘, ‘New Tricks‘, ‘Fuzz’ and ‘What You Want‘. Playing a fused style of funk, hip-hop and rap, the remix of ‘Fuzz (Mad Love mix)', and new material is coming … Continue reading Affected by The Mandela Effect?